ACTION P.O. ERDF SICILY 2014-2020 - ACTION 4.2.1

The company Saver s.r.l. participated in Action 4.2.1 “Incentives aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of micro, small, medium, and large enterprises and production areas, including the installation of renewable energy production plants for self-consumption, with priority given to high-efficiency technologies” of the ERDF Sicily 2014/2020 Operational Program, Regional Decree No. 870 dated 17/10/2018. It was granted funding with Regional Decree No. 1460 dated 14/11/2019 under Project No. 262896000045, named “ENERGY REDUCTION,” CUP Code: G65G19000200006, Charon Code: SI_1_22952.

The objective of the call for proposals was the reduction of energy consumption and the production of energy from renewable sources.

With the granted funding, the company implemented the following interventions:

  • Purchase of high-energy-efficient compressors.
  • Replacement of internal and external lighting systems with high-efficiency control systems.
  • Implementation of energy consumption management and monitoring systems.
  • Installation of a 52 kWp photovoltaic system with 326.6 kWh storage capacity.

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