The habitability increases with the 870 WA

Two years after the launch of the innovative 750WA, a new, even larger model arrives in the walk around range. We are talking about the 870WA, a ‘vessel’ which is inspired almost entirely by the smaller model, however benefiting from extra centimeters, both in length and in width, which translates into greater comfort on board and during navigation. The WA by SAVER range is known for offering the right compromise between day and night spaces, reserving walkable areas on deck, a fixed solarium at the bow and a second modular one at the stern, the latter obtained from the transformation of the dinette. In addition to the U-shaped sofa, this also includes a kitchenette just behind the seating block, with a standard sink and the possibility of adopting a gas fire, as well as a built-in refrigerator. The console is large to install all the necessary on-board instrumentation and shares the surface with an acrylate sliding door that offers access to the night area. If during the day the 870 WA is a fun companion to live with family or friends, at night it transforms into a camper in which 3/4 people can sit in separate areas. In fact, a double bed in the bow is matched by a second double bed towards the stern, under the helm station. The rest area is protected by a sliding curtain. The rooms are completed by a wooden cabinet for storing one’s belongings and a separate toilet room with electric toilet and sink with tap/shower. At the stern there are two platforms, one on each side, one of which has a ladder. Finally, the engine, exclusively outboard, which can be adopted in single or twin-engine solutions. The maximum power that can be installed is 400 horsepower but, already with a single 300 horsepower engine, it is possible to obtain interesting performances, with peaks of over 35 knots at full load. 

Technical features:
Length 9 metri – Width f.t. 2,72 metri – Maximum motorization 2 x 200 hp (2 x 147 Kw) – Maximum people capacity 10 – Beds 2 + 1 – Approval category CE C – Fuel capacity 290 litri – Water capacity 70 litri