Saver 19 Open

Open boat inspired by the Walkaround series
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mt 5.75
mt 2.28
Kg 650
Hp 115


The model is inspired by the 560 Walk Around, from which it differs mainly by the absence of a cabin and its ‘Open’ configuration. Its outboard dimensions guarantee excellent performance even with 40 horsepower engines, although the “boat” is approved to withstand a maximum applicable power of no less than 115 outboard horsepower, and can carry seven people, who are accommodated on board in a deck that offers a stern sofa arranged on the port bow side, with a free passage to the right for boarding people after coming up from the water via the swim ladder, a two-seater sofa for the pilot and co-pilot with a fold-down backrest, and a forward area that can be used as a seating area for other people, counting also on the console-front sofa. The same area can be used as a single sundeck, obtained by adding tops to the fixed area. On the latter there are, among other things, lockers in which safety equipment and possible equipment can be stowed. Other items can also be stowed under the driver’s seat, in the console, in the pockets on the inner bulwarks and inside a small locker/tub aft, next to the anti-flooding cockpit. The central console allows for quick fore/aft transfers on both sides and has shelves on which the engine instruments and any navigation equipment can be placed. The electric winch is an optional extra. The engine that can be installed, strictly outboard, must be long-stemmed.


  • Stainless steel pulpit
  • Plexiglass windscreen
  • Wheel and monocable
  • Complete cushion set
  • Bow roller
  • N°4 bollards
  • N°3 towing hooks
  • N°2 side pocket
  • Dashboard with interrupt switches and fusibles
  • Telescopic bathing ladder


  • Compass
  • Hullband colour
  • Hull colour
  • Console and seat driving cover
  • Overall cover
  • Water tank with shower
  • Fresh water plant for fish box
  • Navigations lights
  • Bilge pump
  • Folding stainless steel rollbar with sunshsade front/rear
  • Folding stainless steel rollbar black with sunshsade front/rear
  • Plastic fuel tank 120 lt. with fuel level
  • Auxiliary engine braket
  • Table support
  • Alluminium sunshade
  • Stainless steel sunshade
  • Horn

other details

  • Certification: CE
  • Navigation category: C
  • Shaft: L
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